Home HVAC System Repair & Preventive Maintenance

Does a professional inspect and tune up your heating and cooling system regularly? It’s important to have your furnace (or other heating system) checked each fall and your air conditioner checked every spring to ensure proper operation throughout the seasons.

During a regular maintenance check, your HVAC contractor will clean, inspect, and test different components to make sure everything is working together properly. If anything is damaged, it can be caught and repaired at this time, often before it’s able to affect the rest of the system. Skipping regular maintenance could leave you with a broken down system at the worst possible time, and the cost to repair it could end up being much higher than it should be.

Call an HVAC contractor you can trust to make repairs as soon as you notice a problem, and don’t skip annual system maintenance to save a few dollars now; it could cost you hundreds or even thousands later.

Home HVAC System Installation

We install all major brands of residential HVAC equipment for North Central Ohio. Replacing a failing or inefficient furnace, air conditioner, or boiler in your home can lower your energy bills significantly, make your home quieter and more comfortable, and improve your indoor air quality. A new system can also increase your home’s value and reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing energy usage.

When to Replace Your System

It may be a good time to consider replacing your heating and cooling system if it

  • Is 10–15 years old
  • Requires frequent repairs
  • Is louder than it should be
  • Doesn’t heat or cool your home evenly
  • Cycles on and off frequently
  • Causes humidity problems throughout your home
  • Causes poor indoor air quality

If you’d like to have your heating and/or cooling system inspected, tuned up, or replaced, contact Wilkes today. We will install a new, highly efficient system that is sized properly for your home so it can perform optimally and keep you and your family as comfortable as possible.

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