Design and Build

Wilkes Plumbing and Heating, along with our wholly owned subsidiary, EPS, can custom design and build a mechanical system unique to you. You won’t need to work with a separate engineer, designer, and installer; we take care of the entire process, from ideation to final installation.

Our team consists of expert designers, plumbers, pipe-fitters, electricians, and welders with the knowledge and ability to install almost any type of building or process system for your company, including plumbing systems, HVAC systems, and heating and cooling process systems.

The Design & Build Process

We will begin your project with an initial consultation to learn exactly what you’d like to achieve. We’ll ask you about how your building is used, what hours it’s used, how you interact with customers, any energy sources available, and current utility tariffs.

Our goal is to find opportunities for you to save as much money and time as possible. To do so, we may run energy audits, review your utility contract and billing statements, review a proposed utility service design, design a new system or redesign the current one, and convert internal services to outsourced utilities. By thoroughly evaluating your needs and problems, we can find the best solution for you.

Reasons to Design & Build Your Own System

  • You need integrated utility systems installed.
  • You desire coordination across non-general trade work.
  • You wish to work with a company that will utilize the best possible energy solution.
  • You wish to work with highly competent engineers and contractors.
  • You want projects to be completed correctly, on time, and within budget.

You may also want to consider optimizing and leasing mechanical equipment for your facility if you

  • Want to reduce or identify non-direct process costs
  • Don’t want to buy and own new equipment or systems
  • Have utility capacity limits
  • Have no experience dealing with mechanical utility optimization
  • Outsource some non-core business systems

Process Cooling System Experts

We specialize in designing and building custom process cooling systems for polymer processing and injection molding plants. Primary features include closed loop systems that utilize primary and secondary pumping, which can move water through a chiller over three times faster, cooling it much more quickly than it would in a conventional system. We can achieve this by having two fittings instead of one, creating multiple flow rates, and bypassing the need for a tank.

Advantages of Closed Loop Systems

  • Less chemical treatment required (less air in the system)
  • Lower cost
  • Less contamination
  • When closed, no air or dirt can enter machine
  • Can alter temperatures, delta T, and flow rates

Why Our Chilling Process Is Different

In the summer, a chiller is required to cool water. In the winter, when the temperature is typically less than 45 °F, a chiller isn’t needed; a cooling tower can be used instead. Our free cooling systems offer automatic changeover between systems throughout the year, avoiding interruptions in the process.

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