Plumbing Services for Facilities of All Shapes and Sizes

Wilkes is one of the largest plumbing contractors between Toledo and Cleveland, providing services for buildings and facilities of all shapes and sizes. We can fix anything from a small leak in your bathroom to a major, large-scale plumbing problem in an industrial plant. We also install and replace plumbing equipment.

Water leaks can be serious and often require a professional technician’s skill and expertise to repair properly; don’t risk damaging the system and your business. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving skills and the ability to complete our projects skillfully, professionally, and on time.

We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations on each and every job. We will come to your property to evaluate the situation at hand and either complete the necessary repair at your request or offer you a free estimate.

We have the following certified technicians on staff to provide our customers the first-rate service they deserve:

  • Backflow inspectors
  • Medical gas installers
  • DOT natural gas installers
  • Journeymen plumbers

Medical Gas Piping

Something that truly sets us apart from our competitors is our medical gas piping certification. Unlike a typical plumbing contractor, we are trained and certified to install medical gas systems (vacuum systems, oxygen, nitrous oxide, etc.) for dentist offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities.

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